GALLEA Series. Special Shape Tool for Higher Efficiency of Mold Machining

  • 2023年10月23日


Eyes opening to the advanced technology of tool designing from MOLDINO.
The Barrel shape Tool that is reducing big finishing machine time.
This tool can create a larger pitch that can incredibly improve efficiency.
Achieves highly efficient finishing of inclined wall surfaces
Develop large diameter series
Economical 2-corner specification
⭐ Do not miss the chance to prove its performance.
GF3L for high-efficiency processes from semi-finishing and finishing.
With the positive sharpness tool geometry helps generate a better surface finish.
⭐Positive design with good sharpness
⭐Highly efficient 3-flute specification
⭐Employs an economical 3-corner insert
⭐Unique insert restraining surface realizes strong insert clamping
⭐Supports center through coolant
Taper Barrel Shape tool GP1T !! Applicable for 2 processes.
⭐Two types of cutting edges can be used with one tool by taper-shaped barrel R and ball-shaped tip
⭐Since two types of cutting edges can be used without changing tools, it is difficult for machining steps
to occur due to tool changes.
⭐Can be attached to Alpha Ball Precision F "ABPF type" holder
⭐Newly developed "TH3" and "PN" coatings provide longer life than conventional products.
The Special Shape Tool for 3 Axis and 5 Axis machining.
Get better efficiency with a bigger cusp or even smoother surface compared to a normal ball-shaped tool.
Cusp height is halved compared to the ball Endmill
Added an insert with a large connecting R edge that is easy to use on a 3-axis machine
The Barrel R shape helps to get high-quality machining for the titled section.
Low cutting force by the unique helix shape.
Seamless machining from tip to body
High-efficiency, high-quality processing of sloped surfaces with the barrel R blade on the periphery
High-quality processing of connecting surfaces of curved surfaces with tip R blade
Adopts a unique strong helix blade shape to achieve low resistance
Newly developed TH3 coating is adopted to achieve even longer life.


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